Why should I use the GitHub Integration?

See how you can benefit from adding the GitHub Integration to Scrumie.

Yevheniia Voloshyna

Last Update 3 年前

Adding Github Integration to Scrumie is very easy and helps you see your GitHub activity and your team members' GitHub activity directly from Scrumie. This saves you (especially a tech lead, team lead or manager) lots of time - you don't need to go to GitHub to check the activity. Everything is in one place - in Scrumie.

You can see following GitHub activities in Scrumie:

  • Created issues
  • Commits
  • Merges
  • Reviews

This is a great overview of your development team because you don't need to check what issues each member has done, the overview will provide you with a quick overview of your entire team. 

Curious about the Github integration? Learn more about setting it up here.

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