Why should I use the Trello Integration?

See how you can benefit from adding the Trello Integration to Scrumie.

Yevheniia Voloshyna

Last Update 3 years ago

Adding Trello Integration to Scrumie is very easy and helps you see your Trello activity stream and your team members' Trello activity stream directly in Scrumie. This integration saves you (especially a tech lead, team lead or manager) lots of time - you don't need to go to Trello to check the activity - everything is in one place - in Scrumie.

You can see following Trello activities in Scrumie:

  • Created cards
  • Comments in cards
  • Added attachements
  • Added members
  • Deleted cards

This is a great overview for your entire team because you don't need to check what issues each member has been working on, the overview will provide you with a quick overview of your entire team.

Curious about the Trello integration? Learn more about setting it up here. 

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