Why should I set up My Availability and Profile?

See what the benefits of filling your availability regularly and completing your profile are.

Yevheniia Voloshyna

Last Update 2 years ago

When filling out your availability you are helping your team members and your managers know when you are available. Be sure they can reach you and plan work that depends on you, based on up to date information.

When filling out your availability you have multiple options to let your colleagues know what is your status. Your availability shows up in Teamwork overview so it is good to set it up at least a week upfront.

Teamwork overview & availability

Learn how to fill out your availability here.

It's also important to fill out your Profile. Information from your profile also appear in important places, such as in Team overview - like your picture and your name, but also in Time zones.

You can set your working hours so your teammates will know when you are working during the day.

Setting your profile

Learn more about how to set up your Profile here

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