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Yevheniia Voloshyna

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Project reporting app is a simple app that you can easily add to your workspace. You can track how many hours every team member spends on a specific project with a brief description of what he/she has done. Read more about for whom this app is useful and why you should install it to your workspace.

Project Reports application 

  1. To add the Project Reports app, follow these few steps how to add an integration (application) to Scrumie.
  2. After you successfully add the app, you are redirected to your workspace team overview.
  3. Click the button "App Integrations" and choose "Project Reports".
  4. Choose a project for which you would like to see the report.
  5. Now, you can choose a data range and a user for which you would like to see the report.
  6. If you wish to work with the data further, you can download the data by clicking the button "Export as XLSX".
  7. You can also get a public link for your report by clicking the button "Public URL". When you share the link with anyone else, the person will see the report without signing up or signing in to Scrumie.

Awesome! Now you can see how many hours your team spends and do on projects. 

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