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Learn more about how you can use Trello Integration in Scrumie.

Yevheniia Voloshyna

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Using Trello integration in Scrumie is very easy. In one click, you can see your (or your teammates') Trello activity.

How to see the Trello activity

  1. Go to the workspace, where you have the Trello integration installed.
  2. In the teamwork overview (the grid with all of the members and their daily stand-ups), click on the "See day stats".
  3. A window with all of your Trello activity (during the specific day) will show up. You can also check the Trello activity of your teammates (if they have already authenticated their Trello accounts with Scrumie).
  4. If you have already integrated your workspace with another integration (e.g. Github), you will see an option to switch between these integrations as in the screenshot below. 

If you can't see your Trello activity, you have probably forgot to authenticate your Trello account with Scrumie, or Trello integration isn't installed to the workspace. Please refer to this article about installing Trello integration, or if it's still not working, please contact us via chat :-).

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