What's a daily stand-up and why should I fill it out?

Learn more about the daily stand-ups and how to use them in Scrumie.

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What's a virtual daily stand-up?

A virtual daily stand-up is a brief message about what you have done during a day. It's main goal is to provide your entire team about your work progress so that everyone is updated. This means that daily stand-ups are visible to the whole team and can be seen by any team member anytime (even stand-ups from previous months).

Filling out your daily stand-up

Why should I fill out daily stand-ups?

Updating your team about your work progress is crucial because everyone is on the same plate. It's very much appreciated by team leaders and managers who need to know the team's work progress every day without the need to check out multiple tools, tickets, tasks, and so on.

Not only managers welcome this feature, but also team members are happy to know what others are working on. The shared overview of the work done promotes transparency in the team and contributes to the overall trust.

Are your ready to fill out your daily stand-up? Learn more in this article, where you find more information about filling out the stand-ups. 

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