As a manager/team leader I want to know what my team is doing - is Scrumie a solution?

Yeah, definitely! See how you can use Scrumie and benefit from it.

Yevheniia Voloshyna

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Why is Scrumie the right solution in this case?

In Scrumie, managers/team leaders or anyone else in the lead position can see a clear overview of the work done of each team member in one place. This means that managers don’t have to check dozens of assigned tasks in several tools or plan endless meetings and sync-ups with the entire team. They have everything what they need to know available anytime and in one place.

Based on the daily virtual stand-ups the team members fill out, managers are updated about the work progress, know what the team members plan to do, and what's more - they can read the standup updates anytime.

Thanks to custom apps in Scrumie, managers can export Project and Accounting data. Project reports give an overview of what have been done on the project along with the number of hours spent on it.

Accounting reports provide information about how many hours each team member worked in a chosen data range and if he/she has taken any vacation or sick days.

Both these reports make the manager’s work far more easier.

To see the availability of each team members, managers can quickly check the team overview where they see availability status of the teammates. Plus, to see their working hours across different time zones, they can use the time zones overview.

Are you one of the team members and do you want to know what your colleagues are working on? Sure, Scrumie solves this as well. Learn more here. 

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