What's the Accounting app and how can I use it?

Learn more about the accounting app and why you should install it to your workspace.

Yevheniia Voloshyna

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What's the Accounting app?

The Accounting app gives you a report of how many hours your teammates have worked within a chosen data range and if they have taken any vacation or sick days. The app allows you to see the data in Scrumie and download it in xlsx format to your computer.

The downloaded report enables you to work with the data further, e.g. join tables, share reports with other departments in your company, create figures, and more.

Accounting Report Overview

Who can benefit most from the Accounting App?

The Accounting app is a great solution for your team (company) no matter how large you business is. The report is appreciated by team leaders, accounting department and teammates as well.

As a team leader, you have an overview of all of your team members and see if they have overtimes or are "behind" their monthly working plans.

In the accounting department, the app's report make the monthly salary issues much easier. Especially when you have some part-time employees or contractors working for your company and you want to see, how many hours they are going to bill.

And for the team members, it's great to see in one place an overview of hours worked, vacation and sick days taken.

Are your ready to try the Accounting App? Learn more in this article how to install the app.

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