What is a Team in Scrumie ?

Why should you create Teams in Scrumie and what they can do for you?

Yevheniia Voloshyna

Last Update vor 2 Jahren

Teams are always created under a Workspace. Just as with Workspaces you can create unlimited number of Teams.

Teams help you display a work overview that matters. You can filter your users and assign them to teams so you don't have to scroll through all your teammates to find a report from the ones that you are interested in.

We automatically create General team in your Workspace so you have a default view for users invited to your Workspace. You can always create more Teams or edit the default one. Learn how to create new Teams here.


You can switch between different Team views (or Workspaces) in a side bar in your Team overview. 

Switching between different Team views (or Workspaces)

Team is also used for User Permissions on a Team level. You can only view Teams under a Workspace. Read more about User permissions here

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