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See how to set up your Scrumie account when working for several clients.

Yevheniia Voloshyna

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There are a number of ways to set up your Scrumie when working on the client's projects. It depends on how many clients you are delivering your services to, how large your company is, and if you also work on some internal projects. So let’s have a look at one example.

How to set up Scrumie for a company having clients?

If you are working on client's projects, you can apply any of the below mentioned scenarios. They just need to be slightly adjusted.

  • Scrumie for a small business/startup
  • Scrumie for a medium sized company
  • Scrumie for a large business

Set up Scrumie account

Team overview



Not having clients? See examples how to set Scrumie for a small, medium or large company which are not working on client's projects.

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